This list of books, catalogues, & guides is provided as an example of the wealth of information available for every type of Wade collector. The most current books can be purchased at online bookstores and some of the older books can still be found for sale on auction sites.
1st Edition - 1986

Pat Murray's first book on Wades! This is the one that started it all. It includes 153 pages listing the models of George Wade and Son Ltd. from 1953-1986. This is an incredibly detailed book starting with the first Whimsies back in 1953 and providing many black & white pictures. What is especially interesting to read in this book is the original prices of the figures when first sold - too bad we can't get them for those prices today!
1st Edition - 1991

A 273 page catalogue covering the years 1920's - 1990. The book is divided into 5 sections for easy reference. Section one includes slip cast lady and child figures, fairy tales, flowers, and animal models. Section two lists assorted tankards and mugs. Section three has advertising and product promotions; section four - whiskey bottles and decanters. The final section displays Irish and domestic wares. This book includes black & white pictures of most items plus an index and price guide.
2nd Edition - 1995

This re-write of "Whimsical Wades" became my "Wade Bible" when it came out. This book went to every yard sale and flea market with me. An incredible 214 pages packed with pictures of every small model and Whimsie figure in sets dating from the earliest to the current. Short descriptions and prices for each figure are a great plus. Although all the pictures are in black & white, they still give you a great view of what each figure looks like.
3rd Edition - 1996

An updated version of the "Wade Whimsical Collectables" 2nd Edition 1995 book. This 228 page book contains lots of black & white pictures of new models and updated information and prices. Among the sharper, more detailed pictures are additional models of some of the older as well as the newer figures.
2nd Edition - 1996

Another "must-have" book! This book is an updated version of the book "Pre-war & More Wades". At 408 pages, it is packed full of tons of Wade information and loads of black & white pictures. Categories include advertising and commissioned products, animals, birds, commemorative ware, figures, jugs, steins & tankards, liquor products, money boxes, and shaving mugs.
2nd Edition - 1996

I love this book for the incredible variety of decorative pottery displayed. A hefty 330 pages thick, this book provides an easy to use index, tons of beautiful black & white pictures, price guide and descriptions. This book features a unique "shape index" showing the shapes of the pottery that lets you quickly find the piece you're looking for. A must-have book for all you collectors of Wade decorative ware!
4th Edition - 1998

A terrific updated version of "Wade Whimsical Collectibles". At 283 pages, this book included still more newer models added plus some older models that had been found since the last book!  Figures include small models plus all the Whimsies. Also newer commissioned figures and Wade Fair and Wade Club models.
2nd Edition - 1998

The title says it all for this book! A whopping 437 pages thick, this book has everything for the table: tableware sets, teapots & coffee pots, stands for teapots, coffee items and sets, novelty ware, decanters, goblets, jugs, tankards, tea caddies, pitchers, table jugs, bowls, dishes, plates, biscuit barrels, storage containers, cookware and children's ware. Excellent index and black & white photos.
3rd Edition - 1999

An all-around good book covering many different Wade categories. From the old to the new, this 332 page book includes: advertising products, cellulose and high gloss animals, birds and figures, commemorative ware, commissioned products, jugs, steins and tankards, money boxes, and shaving mugs. Excellent index and black & white photos.
3rd Edition - Summer 1999

Another must-have if you're a Wade collector of liquor and pub ware. This huge 332 page book is stuffed full of brand name items including: ashtrays, decanters, water jugs, drink pourers, tankards, steins, toby mugs, lamps, hip flasks, spirit jugs, loving cups, and more. Information given on backstamps, color and pricing for each item. Excellent cross-reference index and black & white photos.
5th Edition - April 2000

One of the best books on Wade Whimsical Collectables. This book is all you need if you collect the adorable Wade Whimsies figurines. Get ready to spend hours lost in this incredible 378 page book with 16 pages of color photos in the center. From the earliest slip cast models to the very latest Whimsies and commissioned figures, this book has it all! Complete with descriptions, prices and black & white photos for all.
3rd Edition - March 2002

This book contains all the Wade England and Wade Ireland ashtrays & cigarette lighters, baskets, bowls, boxes, candleholders, dishes, flowers, jars, jugs, lamps, miscellaneous decorative wares, planters and flower pots, posy bowls and logs, vases and urns, and last but not least, the wall plaques. Over 700 pictures with a full-color section. Includes a price guide for all.

6th Edition - 2002

This book lists all the Wade Whimsical models produced from 1938 to 2002 in alphabetical order with photographs, names, descriptions and a price guide with values in Pounds Sterling, U.S.A. and Canadian Dollars. Included are 372 pages of black and white photos and 16 color pages containing Wade Red Rose Tea Animals and Nursery Rhymes, Tom Smith Party Crackers, Commissioned models, Wade Club Membership Figures, Wade Novelty Figures, Disney & Comic/Cartoon Models, Red Rose Tea Canada and USA models plus more.

7th Edition - January 2004

This huge book has a whopping 430 pages and 32 pages of color photos. All models are listed with their issue dates, the commissioner of the model (if any), the set order and their various colourways. The contents include comic animals and birds, happy families, leprechauns and pixies, novelty animals and birds, storybook figures, Walt Disney figures, whimsies 1954-1993, misc. sets, fairs and events, event figures, the Official International Wade Collector's figures, and commissioned models - all with an up-to-date price guide.

4th Edition - March 2007

Wade Collectables 4th edition is a companion catalogue to Wade Whimsical Collectables 8th edition. Wade Collectables 4th edition, is a gathering of the most popular collectables from The Charlton Standard Catalogues of Wade Volumes 1 through 4. There are 464 pages of listings, information and illustrations of such Wade collectables as animals, birds, character jugs, children’s sets, commemorative and decorative ware, figures, flowers, teapots, Tetley Tea Folk, wall decorations, Disney, money boxes and Wade Ireland.

8th Edition - August 2007

This new 370 page edition of Wade Whimsical Collectables contains six main chapters: comic animals and birds, happy families, novelty animals and birds, storybook figures, whimsies, and miscellaneous sets, along with three supplementary chapters on fairs and events, the Official International Wade Collector s Club figures, and commissioned items. The models of leprechauns and pixies, money boxes, and Walt Disney models such as the Hat Box Series, Disney Blow-ups and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have been moved to the Wade Collectables 4th Edition book.

Published - 1988

This 188 page best seller about the Wade Potteries of England is a priceless collector's guide. Included are Wade's history from 1927-1987 and a glimpse of their products range along the way. Beginning with a detailed backstamp information chart, this book takes you through an amazing variety of tableware, royal commemoratives, advertising wares, rare art decor, animals, and of course - Whimsies. An extensive 48 page color photo insert in the middle of the book truly helps you appreciate the colors and glazes used by the Wade Potteries. And countless B&W photos give you a glimpse of the variety of wares in this wonderful World of Wade. Included with this book is a separate price guide for all the items pictured in the book.
Published - October 1994

A sequel to "The World of Wade", this even larger book continues on with the Wade story. Even more information and 64 color pages are just the beginning of this impressive 252 page book. Included are beautiful illustrations of art figurines, animal figures, cartoon figures (including Disney), premiums, flowers, money banks, souvenirs, whimsies, tankards, flower jugs, vases, teapots, cream and sugar sets, advertising wares, liquor decanters, tableware patterns, and royal commemoratives. In all, more than 1,300 items are pictured in full color, plus hundreds more in B&W. Well indexed for easy reference, this book comes with a separate price guide for all the items pictured in the book.
Published - October 1996

Wade Price Trends features an updated 1996 price guide in U.S. dollars and British pounds for more than 3,000 items of Wade porcelain and pottery illustrated in the best-selling books, "The World of Wade" and "The World of Wade, Book 2". Much more than a price guide, this big 160 page book has 24 full color pages showing older items not illustrated in the first two Wade books, as well as new items produced since the publication of Book 2 in 1994. Of special interest are updates on backstamps, U.S. Red Rose Tea premium figurines, Tom Smith Party Cracker figurines, and new information on designers.
Published - August 2003

This new full color 256 page hard cover book features Wade figurines from the 1930's through the present.
With over 2,500 items shown in color, this guide has prices both in U.S. dollars and British pounds. Included are 1930's Wade ladies, nursery rhymes, Irish Wade figurines, and miniature and large animal and bird figurines. Also shown are the Whimsy-on-Why village series, Whimsies, Disney miniatures and "Blow-Ups", Christmas party crackers, and the Canadian and U.S. Red Rose Tea figurines. Other figurines include Betty Boop, Arthur Hare, Official International Wade Collector's Club, money banks, posy bowls, one-of-a-kinds, and more!
Published - May 2007

This 159 page book features products made by the Irish Wade pottery from the early 1950s through 1990. Over 540 color photographs depict extensive giftware lines, including tankards, tableware, decanters, ashtrays, miscellaneous giftware, and the highly collectible leprechauns, fairy folk, and Irish Song Figures. Also illustrated are products made by Seagoe Ceramics that were marketed under the Wade brand name in the early 1990s. All pieces illustrated have suggested values in both dollars and English pounds.
Published - June 2008

In this 224 page book, collectors will find over 800 striking illustrations, mostly in color, detailing the sets of Whimsies, along with their presentation boxes, advertising literature, and flyers. The 11 chapters include Red Rose Tea figures, Tom Smith Party Crackers, color and size variations, minikins, dogs & puppy dishes, commissioned Whimsies, village sets, size variations, reproductions, fakes and much more. There is also a chapter on figurines which are from the same mold but used in different sets with a different color. This quick comparison guide will surely help to differentiate the figurines and sort them into the correct set or series. Over 160 b&w photos display the Wade makers' marks. Current values are found in both US dollars and UK pounds.
Published - 2000

Although this book might seem small at first glance at 193 pages, the entire book is done in color and is jam-packed with excellent color photos! An absolute must for new Whimsies collectors as it shows the figures grouped by sets with prices. Of particular interest is the detail shown in comparing different sizes and color variations of the figures and packaging. Excellent buy!
Published - January 2001

With over 370 color photos clearly showing over 1,000 items, this book showcases the endearing miniatures produced by Wade from the 1950s to the 1990s, including Red Rose Tea, Tom Smith premiums, Whoppas, Whimsie-land, Nursery Favourites, Happy Families, Disney's Hat Box series, Minikins, miniature villages, Wade boxes and displays, information on color and size variations, company marks, and up-to-date values for all items.
Published - August 2001

This 192 page book is a revised edition of the 2000 Wade Miniatures 1 book but with an updated price guide for August 2001.
Published - August 2007

This 192 page book is a revised edition of the 2000 Wade Miniatures 1 book but with an updated price guide for August 2007.
Published - May 2002

This was my first Wade CD guide. It included a short Wade history, a current Wade books review, photos of Whimsies in sets from retail issues, Red Rose Tea, Tom Smith, commissioned figures, Wade Fair issues and Collector's Club figures. Also included was an alphabetical photo index and Whimsies checklist. Additions include Wade screensavers and wallpaper.
Published - September 2004

This Wade Whimsies CD is an updated version of the 2002 guide. It includes updated Whimsie sets (over 165) plus commissioned figures, miscellaneous figures, colourways, Minikins, Wade pins, keychains, irish fairyfolk, pigs & elephants, novelty models, Pocket Pals, Golliwogs, carded Whimsies, tortoise family, Whimbles, Whoppas and more. An expanded printable checklist was also added to the CD.
Published - September 2005

Huggybear's Wade Whimsies Guide CD 2005 is the same format as the 2004 issue except that it has been updated with all the current Wade Whimsies from over the past year.
Published - August 2007

This new CD includes all the updated Whimsie sets through August 2007. All your favourite Wades grouped by sets with larger-than-life full color photos! All the Wades you love sorted into alphabetical order with name, date and set it belongs to with photos. Every animal or figural Whimsie from A to Z - over 4000 files on this CD! Plus text & photo checklists and much more!
By Dave Lee
Published - September 1996

Many people have written many things about the history of Wade but Dave Lee's very interesting book "The Wade Dynasty", comes up with the definitive history. As Jeremy Wade, Sir George Wade's grandson says in his forward to the book, "It (the book) fills the gap in the growing library of Wade volumes and helps to clarify the history of both the family and the complex web of companies past and present." 120 Pages.

By Robert Prescott-Walker, Frank Salmon, & John Folkard
First Edition - 1997

Although this book is only 123 Pages, it includes 48 pages of color photos with prices. An all-around general Wade book with a little bit of everything in it. Includes an excellent chronology of the Wade potteries history and growth. A price guide is included in the back but as a list only with no pictures of the figures. Good reading for the Wade collector who wants to know more about the Wade company itself.

By C&S Collectables
June 2002

This 16 page price guide produced for the 10th anniversary of C&S Collectables displays in full color all the Wade figurines commissioned by them. The guide shows 197 different models with information of name, year, edition size, modeller, and backstamp. A separate price guide lists each figures' name, year, edition size, issue price (in UK Pounds), and current guide price in UK pounds and US dollars.
By Stella M. Ashbrook
Published - March 2003

This full color book is 112 pages full of a broad variety of Wades including commissions, event & fair pieces, advertising wares, animals, aquariums, characters from film and literature, figurines, Whimsies, Whoppas, backstamps, fakes & more. The pages include "Market Value" prices in high-low ranges instead of exact values. Handy check boxes for most figures help you keep track of your collection.
By Stella M. Ashbrook
Published - March 2003

A different cover for the same book as The Wade Collectors Handbook.
By Stella M. Ashbrook
Published - March 2003

A different cover for the same book as The Wade Collectors Handbook.

By Harry Eakin, McClure Cardwell & John Wright
Published -August 2007

This book contains nearly 300 pages with hundreds of color photographs and a comprehensive full price guide in pounds and US dollars. There's also an extensive history, backstamp, rare items, and key workers sections. The research for this book was done within Ireland and the proceeds will go directly towards a permanent record of the history, people and products of Wade Ireland in Portadown.
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